Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The many faces of Jaiden....Nov 2008

Jaiden has really been into games lately. We went to the store and picked out a couple and here is him and dad having fun learning how to play...

We have been enjoying the fall around here. We have a few trees in the backyard that dumped tons of leaves on our lawn. So, Jaiden and I used our new leaf blower to blow the leaves into a big pile and Dad put them in the yard waste bin. We didn't jump in them, due to the icky spiders around here. Can never be too careful. He was such a big help as you can see.

At daycare, Jaiden has been working on his art skills (drawing, painting, using materials to make crafts, glueing, etc...). Here are some of his recent projects for fall.

This last project was REALLY cute. They made a placemat for Thanksgiving. They read books and talked about Thanksgiving, then they took quotes from the kids and put them in the left corner. Jaiden said..."Turkey comes from inside (of what I don't know), cooks turkey with a pan, I am going to have chicken nuggets with turkey. Momma is going to cook it." What a riot!

Here are the faces he's been making of late. I don't know where he gets them! ;)


WaxFaction said...

I loved that fishing game when I was a kid :) That place mat is just too funny. I can't wait to hear the crazy things Morgan is going to say.

Heather said...

Hey you....are you going to post some Christmas pics? Also...I don't have your new telephone number! I wanted to call the other day and couldn't find it. Can you email it to me? Thanks!

WaxFaction said...

You guys must be busy! Where are the xmas photos? I am in withdrawal you must post something even if it is just to say you are too busy to post;)hehehe