Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yard work...it's the neverending story of our lives...

Well, we just couldn't do it. We said that when we moved in we wouldn't worry about the backyard improvements except to make it puppy proof. That didn't happen. Less than a month in now and Jamie and I decided to rip out the grass and put in a gravel walkway on the side of the house because it was just too hard to maintain by mowing (odd angles to mow and cramped).

In addition to the "not worrying about the backyard improvements," I said I wasn't going to plant anything this year because I just wanted to get the inside done and settled away. YEAH RIGHT! Anybody who knows me, go ahead, LOL! So, in the process of making this pathway, Jamie says, "why don't you plant a few things along the house here so it doesn't look so bare?" To which I reply, "are you sure?" Jamie: "Yeah. Go ahead and plant a few little things along this side." Hehehehehehehehe.....

I went a bit buck wild on the plants. For those of you who don't know or can't tell from the picture, here's what I planted: Black Midnight Butterfly Bush (left back), Yellow Trumpet Vine (middle back), Pink/White Peony (right back), Jeruselum Sage (middle row), Summer Blooming Heather (front row). Then of course with some flowers in my back yard I couldn't ignore my front yard.

This sun is keeping me busy with all the beautiful flowers I can plant over here! WOW!

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