Friday, September 5, 2008

Cute Jaiden story...

Last weekend we went to lunch at Bruchi's, a sandwich place. They play reruns of the old Top 100 with Casey Casem from the 80's. Jaiden was bouncing and bopping to the theme from Ghostbusters having a grand ol' time. The next song came on and it was some really lame slow song, which I have forgotten the name to (for good reason), and he yelled, "NEXT SONG!" Incidentally, that was our thought too.

Another random thing. Jaiden loves to be wrapped in a blanket like a burrito. He even asks for it, "Wrap Burrr-It-o." So the other night Jaiden brought out his cars blanket and said, "Wrap burrito!" So as Jamie was wrapping him so he could sit on the couch and watch Cars for the nth time, he sang, "Tostada, Enchilada,...BURRITO!" and tickled Jaiden. Jaiden exploded in laughter. "Again, again!" He yelled. Now it asks for the Enchilada song and laughs before you even get done saying tostada. :)

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