Saturday, September 6, 2008

Someone yelled, "FIRE!"

So, today Jamie took Ellie for her last class at Petsmart. On his way back he saw this flag flying on the side of the road, then he noticed what was holding it up there.

The local fire deptartments have a centralized office in Richland off Gage Blvd. which is just blocks from where we live. So as Jamie pulled up he noticed lots of fire trucks parked in this parking lot, with kids and parents getting tours, spraying a small fire hose, dressing up like firefighters, getting balloons, etc... He called me and I quickly got Jaiden and I dressed to go. He picked us up and we went. When we got there it was even better than we though. They had games, popcorn and cotton candy, face painting, and the kids were able to sit in the trucks. First Jaiden played mini golf.

Then got his fireman hat and sat in one of the trucks.

And then got to drive...

Then he got to get dressed up in a firefighter coat and spray the hose. First with the fireman's help and then on his own...

After that, we got some popcorn and took some pictures by the firetrucks. Below is a close up of Jaiden eating popcorn.

Overall, it was a GREAT afternoon! Jaiden couldn't stop talking about it.

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Nicole said...

That looks like so much fun! Cayden took a tour of the Snohomish Fire Station a few months ago. It wasn't really for his age... but Jaiden looks like he had a blast! Did he try to spray you guys?