Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jaiden at his best...

This Labor Day weekend we did very little. We played outside with Jaiden, played inside with Jaiden, and went grocery shopping at Costco (by the way, this third activity was a BIG mistake; the crowds were horrible!). On Monday, Jaiden would not go down for his regular nap. So, I decided to get him a little more exercise and try again in a little while. We went out and played in the sand box, played with bubbles while the puppies chased them, played tag, and generally had a good time. We came in and I thought it would be a good time to try to put him down for a nap......nope, he was having nothing of it. A little later Jamie came home from the gym and started picking up and then sat down to play a video game. By this time, Jaiden was pretty cranky and only wanted to look at pictures on the computer. Jamie suggested Jaiden play with his percussion instruments. Jaiden loves to play his instruments along with music so we gathered up his instruments and moved to my desk area to listen to some kids music on the computer. I pulled up Itunes and searched for some kids music. We listened to some different types, but the Kids Motown album caught my attention. It was catchy and easy to play rhythms to, so I started playing the different clips. I started bouncing Jaiden on my knee and we were playing the shakers. By about a third of the way through the album, Jaiden wasn't playing anymore, he was just sitting on my knee staring at the screen. By a little over halfway through the album, his eyes were drooping and his head was bobbing forward. I noticed this so I supported him with my arm a bit better and propped his head on my shoulder. Within a minute he was fully asleep. What you see below is Jamie capturing the moment for posterity....

Reports from daycare....

"He loves to paint and he is sooo clean when he does it. Other kids paint themselves, give themselves highlights in their hair, but not Jaiden we only ever have to clean his hands." (I wish he was like that at home when he paints!!!

"He is very good at sitting quietly and listening to stories."

"He is really picking up his colors very quickly. We have been working on our harvest theme, so the kids have been painting fruits and vegetables. He likes to point out the colors we have used and are using."

Yesterday when I came to pick him up this was the scene that greeted me (I took them from my work cell phone and am having trouble getting them the right size, I will probably try to redownload them and try to post again). If you can't tell, Jaiden is the one in the red apron (firefighter costume).

Today when I picked him up....he was a cowboy, but I didn't have my camera. He was skipping and running around the room, grabbing his hat, and yelling "YeeHaw!" It was adorable!

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WaxFaction said...

Awwww...that is so cute and cool that they have that online to download.

I keep wondering what kind of stimulation we should be doing with Morgan. Right now we just give him tummy time and talk to him a lot and show him things.

BTW, He loves the swing and the fishies above his head are mesmerizing to him. It is very funny to watch him.