Thursday, August 28, 2008

A gift and a Brusha, Brusha...

A BIG thank you to Grammy, who sent this cool froggy shirt. It has glow in the dark frogs printed on the shirt and three snap-on frogs! Very cool! Grammy got it in Minnesota on her latest adventure for work.

The other day when I was helping Jaiden brush his teeth I started singing this little song to him. He asks for it now. Tonight I thought I would have Jamie video it so you could see him singing. He is so funny when we get the camera out now....he wants to see the pictures, as you'll hear in the video.



WaxFaction said...

That's so cute! It's funny that he's figured out the camera, I bet that whole sing-a-long thing works much better when there isn't a fun camera present. :)

Nicole said...

Tracie that's cute. I was watching it and Cayden heard you guys singing. So he had to come watch too.
When are you guys coming back over to this side? We need to have a play date. The boys would have a blast!

Nicole said...

no need to post...
the ants are like a dark brown/maybe black color. Does the color make a difference? They are super tiny
so it's kind of hard to tell the color each time.
all I need to do is let the land lord know about them?? The neighbor lady said she had/has a bad ant problem in her apartment too. What causes them to come? You know besides food that Cayden throws around and I don't catch in time. c:
Thanks for the advice!