Monday, August 25, 2008

Chores or fun? You decide....

Well, one of the things about this new house that we really like is the big yard. However, it's a double edge sword. With a big yard, comes lots of grass to mow. Jamie made the best of it by having Jaiden come help. I think the bubble mower gave the yard just the right finishing touch. :) Jaiden sure enjoyed himself a lot. He also played in his sand box this afternoon. The weather was cooler than usual, yet sunny, so it was a perfect time for him to get out and play.

This weekend we finally decided to take a drive outside the Tri-Cities. We drove East on I-182 towards Walla Walla. What a pretty drive. We drove over the Snake River, along the Columbia until it turned south towards Oregon, then a little north and east. Along the way we drove past the Whitman Mission and Fort Walla Walla. We didn't stop this time because Jaiden was asleep. When we got to Walla Walla we drove around to get a feel for the town. There are parts we like, but overall it was not impressive. It was Sunday and most of the shops and restaurants downtown were closed. Whitman College is an interesting little campus. It reminds me of UPS a bit in Tacoma. In fact a lot of the town reminded us of the Proctor part of Tacoma...lots of older houses. We found a really cool park a mile or so from the Whitman campus. Very cool with a great play area. Here is the only picture that we took during the trip because we didn't really stop anywhere other than to get lunch at El Sombrero, which by the way has AWESOME mexican food.

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