Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dachsie Heaven.....Our Entertainment

Our backyard is not the biggest in the area. It's not even a quarter of an acre...but it is daschie heaven. The dogs LOVE it back there. Toby (pictured here) will not come in the house when it is time to kennel up, or come in for the night.

Here he is sleeping in the shade. All the dogs like to do this and then they will get up and move into the sun to sunbathe. Abigail is our little sun goddess. We have to watch her carefully because she will sit in the sun for too long and overheat.

Our Entertainment
This summer we have spent a lot of our time (when we are not working on the house) trying to relax. One of the things that we have found that we like to do together is play Guitar Hero and Rock Band. When we moved in we had to solve the problem of the insert above the fireplace that was too small for our TV. So, we had someone come in and install a box with a shelf to hold our cable box and mount the TV on the wall. Now we can really do some gaming and movie watching! The guy who installed it talked us into mounting it lower than we had originally wanted. He said that it is better for your neck and back when you are sitting on the couch watching. Boy, was he right. I never really thought about it in our other house, but now I see the difference. It is so much more comfortable that in our other house where the TV was way above the fireplace. Besides the TV, we have a regular comedy show going on at our house most of the time. Mr. Jaiden likes to climb, bounce, run, jump, hop, and crawl everywhere.

As you can see here, he likes to be upside down and regularly rolls over and puts his feet in the air on the couch. Here he was excited because he just got done playing Mater-National with Daddy. Yes, he is VERY spoiled. He has a XBox 360 game, although, it's mainly for us to play and him to watch. He likes the little movies in between the gameplay. Overall, I think he is making the adjustment very well.
He is so cute. He frequently says, "Momma, happy here. Daddy, happy here." Which means that he is happy we are home with him. When we come home he says, "Our house. New house." He frequently tells us, "Momma, wake up." or "Daddy, wake up." Which means that's who he wants to wake him up in the morning or after nap. :)


Heather said...

Jaiden's little conversations with you guys are so cute! It is so fun when they get to this stage and really start communicating, eh? We are too the "why" stage now. Why Momma? Because... Why Momma? Because... A fun cycle to be on! Ha ha ha!
Thanks for the update,
P.S. Oh and I meant to tell you something I discovered. If you center a picture, for some reason you then can't click on it to view bigger if you want to. So lately I have been uploading all my pics to be either left or right justified and that solves the problem. Just thought you would like that little tidbit as it took me FOREVER to figure that out.

WaxFaction said...

Hey! We've just set up our Blog here. :) I can't believe how big Jaiden is! We'll have to arrange to come out and visit you guys sometime before the holidays if possible.

Thanks for sending that swing, we really appreciate it!