Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog Daze at the Stipp household...

Here are some cute photos Jamie took of the dogs having fun in the house. They have really adjusted well, I think. To the left, we have Abigail (Abbie). She loves to lay on our new carpet near the kitchen. She has gotten very grey in the muzzle this last year, but that is to be expected with red dachsies.

To the right we have our oldest, Toby. He doesn't seem like the oldest though because he is constantly running circles around our couch like he's in the Indy 500 or something. Here he is posturing to get the other dogs to chase him.

Eli is the funniest of them all, I think. He is just a dufus (sp?). He used to be a very independent dog when he was a puppy, but now he is a cuttlepuss. He loves his beard scratched. He has been the clown of the pack and keeps things lively around the house.

Last, but not least, we have Ellie. She is Eli's daughter. We adopted her from my mom and dad after they decided to keep two of the puppies from Rosie and Eli's litter. Rufus is the other puppy, he's a wire haired also. Anyway, Ellie is officially named Caramella Macchiato because of her carmel dappled color. She was originally named Dora the Explorer because she got into everything, dug out of the yard, and generally EXPLORED her world. However, my grandmother, DORA, took offense to her name being used (even though we called the dog Dorie) and thus she is now Ellie, short for Caramella. I think that her original name fits to a "T" though because she is still causing trouble. She loves to chase Toby around the couch and dig holes outside. She is constantly wanting attention and will not stop licking!

When they all get riled up this is what we get...

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Heather said...

I check your blog rather frequently now. I actually have a feed on my blog that lets me know if you have updated because your blog will rise to the top of my list when there is an update. :) It is a rather cool feature actually. You can add it to yours if you want too as it is easier to check than looking at every single blog you read and not seeing any updates.

I am thankful you started a blog though as it is so nice to catch up with all you are doing and such. It makes me feel like I am getting the inside scoop on your family. :)

How is the job going? I bet it is great to be out of the classroom, though I am sure you are still very busy.