Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our budding Artist!

The teachers at daycare have been telling me that Jaiden really enjoys art time at daycare. They say that he is the first to the tables when they say it is project time, especially when they are going to paint. So...Jamie and I went to Toys'R Us and got some painting supplies today after Jaiden's Dr. appointment and dinner. When we got home, Jaiden did not want to go play with his toys and usual. All he wanted to do is paint.

So, first we did some watercolors...

**Yes, he has a big shiner on his forehead. He was walking around the corner from his playroom, carrying his Elmo chair, and wasn't looking. He ran right into the corner of the door. Jamie gave him a kiss and let him go back to play because it didn't look like he had hit it that bad. When I noticed it, he already had a big lump and a bruise. I tried to put ice on it, but being the 2 yr. old that he is, he wouldn't let me. So, there it is....**

Then we got out the real paint and had some more fun...

Some more of Jaiden's antics....notice the shoes are on the wrong feet and thus the funny walk and look on his face. :)

I finally got my dining room set the other day. Jaiden gives his stamp of approval. He loves the bench seat that we got with it.

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